Campus Ministries

There are many ways that PUC enables you to help out people here on campus, around the world, and those within your local community.  There are projects going on every weekend, so there is always work to be done and volunteers needed. And if you see a need that needs to be met, come talk with us and we can help you create a ministry of your own.  For more information you can also visit us here: SERVICE, JUSTICE AND MISSIONS OFFICE.


PRSM (Peer-led, Relevant, Small-group, Ministries) are a unique way students can meet the spiritual needs of the campus by creating more personal and interest-based circles to connect with God and one another. Please contact our Chaplain Henderson or our student chaplain, Randy Ramos (, if you have interest in starting your own PRSM or joining one. 


LifeGroups are a discipleship program for students by students. Their purpose is to empower freshmen as they transition from High School to college, and encourage their spiritual growth on campus. LifeGroups facilitate growth through discipleship, both socially and spiritually, as freshmen acclimate to college life at PUC.


The Clearlake Project is an outreach program designed to reach the homeless and low-income communities in Clearlake, Calif. The program officially began the week of Thanksgiving, 2012. Since that week, a group has been dispatched from Pacific Union College every Saturday. The group consists of varying students and staff members from the college. Although it receives support from the Office of Service, Justice and Missions, the Clearlake Project is primarily a student-run ministry. A typical trip to Clearlake involves socializing with the community, administering food and clothing and developing relationships, with the goal of giving them the tools to better their lives.



Every other week, Moises takes a group of 10 or so volunteers out to the Berkeley SDA Church.  After the service, they go out to People's Park to feed and fellowship with the homeless community there.